Welcome to the home of liveDB

liveDB is an in-memory database engine for Microsoft .NET providing full ACID support, lightning fast performance and offering a significant reduction of development and operational costs. Check out the getting started and download link to the right!

Developer productivity

No more relational modeling, use any native CLR types and collections to define your data model. No more stored procedures, write commands using your favorite .NET language and use LINQ for queries. No more writing data access code or object/relational mapping, just work with your objects and let the liveDB engine transparently take care of persistence and consistency.

How does it work?

The technique is really simple. The entire data model is maintained in memory. Developers define commands that modify the model. The liveDB engine executes and persists commands to disk within a fully ACID-compliant transaction. At normal system startup or after a failure, the engine restores the database to the previous consistent state.


The liveDB database engine operates entirely in memory, delivering orders of magnitude faster data throughput compared to disk based systems. Transactions are queued and executed using a single threaded model, eliminating the need for locking, latching and buffering operations. This results in performance improvements as much as 50 or 100 times faster than traditional disk-based databases. 



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